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Inquisit 實驗套裝工具

最新版 Inquisit 5 更新於 2016/4/18


Inquisit是目前最流行的心理學實驗系統和常用心理學統計軟件之一,現在被五大洲超過400個研究所正在使用。 Inquisit是全世界行為科學家選擇用於創建豐富調查和量表,信號檢驗測量,內隱態度測驗,以及認知、注意和記憶等方面實驗的工具。它具有精度高、開放式反應、擴展性強、支持語音識別等特點,其獨特功能在於可通過網絡收集實驗數據並對數據加密,支持基於互聯網的實驗。從結構和復雜性來看,在Inquisit中定義實驗對像如同編輯HTML文件一樣輕鬆。


不僅維持易用的水準,同時展示軟體的強大靈活性和全新功能。利用「忽略邏輯」,「輸入校驗」和「問題類型的多重選擇」來建立豐富調查。使用複雜的分支演算法和使用者自定義來規劃動態刺激適應性測驗。使用Inquisit 內建的統計功能,或定義你自己的矩陣來跟蹤執行情況。
Inquisit Lab Edition專為實驗室或於教室內使用所設。若欲於網路上收集資料則可選擇Inquisit Web Edition。使用Inquisit Web Edition,則在網路上平衡了 Inquisit的能力和精確度。僅僅需要使用滑鼠點擊幾次,你就可以通過局部區域網或者網路來管理你的Inquisit 實驗。完全不需要繁瑣的安裝和註冊過程就可以做大量的測試。另有奠基於Inquisit Web Edition的Inquisit EDU版本供教學研究用途使用。


  • Mac support!
  • Native support for 64-bit Windows.
  • A new and improved editor, with support for opening multiple scripts and data files, tab UI, text colorization, improved error feedback, and a script navigation window
  • A new data editor for viewing data files with a spreadsheet UI, sorting, and filtering
  • Ability to right-click elements in the script and run them in isolation
  • Display a clock on the screen during long-running timed tasks
  • Support for drawing tasks such as Trail Making Test
  • Improved support for preserving relative size and scale across different screen resolutions
  • Support for presenting PNG images
  • Support for images with transparent pixels
  • More flexible assignment to between-group conditions
  • Improved support for administering tests in multiple languages
  • Present HTML pages as another type of stimulus
  • Dynamically create and modify the timing and content of stimulus sequences
  • Record a single line of summary data for each participant (in addition to saving raw data)
  • More control over layout of visual stimuli on the screen and enforcing consistent layouts across different shaped screens
  • Full UNICODE support for more robust support of Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew script
  • Easier methods for obtaining informed consent
  • Easier and more flexible randomization
  • Support for parallel port signaling on 64-bit Windows
  • New language constructs such as "else if" and increment operators for simpler and more concise expressions
  • More flexibility and control over redirecting participants to other web pages at the end of an experiment
  • Numerous script language improvements for simpler and more powerful scripts
  • Enhanced joystick support for paradigms such as the Approach Avoidance Task.

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