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LDAP Administrator LDAP客戶端工具軟體

最新版 LDAP Administrator v 2013.1更新於 2013/4/16

LDAP Administrator

Softerra LDAP Administrator 是首屈一指的Explorer 風格LDAP 客戶端,專為Windows 設計。 如果您是專業的軟件研發人員或系統管理員,Softerra LDAP Administrator 將幫助您更輕鬆有效地查看與分析LDAP 目錄。
Softerra LDAP Administrator 的界面簡便直觀,具有獨特的條目創建嚮導,完全支持所有最流行的LDAPv3 服務器,並有許多其他強大功能。 在Softerra LDAP Administrator 的研發過程中,我們特別注意確保應用程序能快速處理大量數據,這在製定可行的電子商務解決方案時至關重要。
對那些致力於創建與維護包含各種基於LDAP 組件的複雜系統的人來說,Softerra LDAP Administrator 是必不可少的。 例如,這些系統可以是基於LDAP 的分佈式電子郵件系統或公共密鑰管理系統,使用各種LDAP 服務器例如Active Directory, Novell Directory Services 或Netscape/iPlanet。
Softerra LDAP Browser 是Softerra LDAP Administrator 的輕量級版本,功能有限,但無論作為何種用途(包括商業用途),均可免費使用! 與Softerra LDAP Administrator 不同,Browser 不允許用戶修改LDAP 目錄。

Types of License

Softerra LDAP Administrator is being distributed under the three kinds of license:
• Single License;
• Operating Maintenance License (OML);
• Unlimited Site License (USL);

The Single License authorizes the holder to install one program copy (which will further be run on that computer only) capable of working with any LDAP servers and directories. This kind of license is the best choice for companies developing LDAP-based solutions for customer organizations.

The Operating Maintenance License allows installing an unlimited number of the application copies. However, these copies are eligible for working with LDAP servers inside and outside of a definite number of predefined domains. A license-holding company may specify up to 20 domain names to be covered by OML. So, this kind of license is mostly required by organizations having their own LDAP solutions with extensive amounts of information, maintained by several staff members.

The Unlimited Site License allows you to install an unlimited number of the application copies and use them with any LDAP servers. This type of license is most suitable for running business in large companies dealing with LDAP. The usage of product under this license is restricted by internal proposes of license holder.

Your license is valid for all minor improvement releases (like 2010.2 SP1, 2010.2 SP2, etc.) that consecutively follow the main release, which means you are entitled to have all the related improvements and bug fixes for free. A new license is only required for major releases that follow.


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